Changing Payments One Message At a Time

MessagePay provides financial institutions and auto lenders with a new avenue for receiving payments from customers at NO COST to their organizations. Simple, convenient payments for a mobile-first world.

MessagePay Features

Mobile Customer Interaction

Send your customers payment reminders via text message. Customize the messages and provide your customers the convenience of making payments directly from the text message.

White Labeled

MessagePay puts your name, your brand, and your organization in the spotlight. Your customers interact with you, and MessagePay works behind the curtain to make it even easier.

Mobile Payments

Give your customers the ability to make easy payments via text message, pay from multiple sources, split payments, and choose payment reminders. Simple payments for mobile customers.

Customer Portal

Your customers can view their accounts with our simple and intuitive user portal. No app necessary. View payment history, change payment settings, and if sending a text is not preferred, they can make payments from the portal, too.

Admin Dashboard

Your organization has complete, transparent access to monitoring all mobile transactions. An easy-to-use administrative dashboard gives you access and control to your customers’ mobile payments.

Back End Reporting

We integrate with your backend system of record. This provides you with accurate and updated reporting on your customers’ mobile payments.

Why Messages?

67% of US smartphone owners said they would like to receive service-based messages from banks/financial institutions.

Transactional Messaging Consumer Report by Vibes

78% of US consumers say receiving a text message is the fastest way to reach them for important service updates and purchases.

Transactional Messaging Consumer Report by Vibes

89% of people always have their smartphone easily accessible

The Wireless Industry Data by CTIA

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can do for your lending organization

Our solutions are made with the modern, mobile customer in mind. Did you know that 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of being received?

MessagePay helps your organization reach your customers like never before.

Two Ways to Demo

Experience MessagePay first hand. We will send a demo message straight to your phone. You can interact with it as your customers would by viewing your balance and even making a payment. It’s a demo, so don’t worry, no real payments will be accepted. If you have any questions, please set a time to talk to one of our team members now.